Friday, April 3, 2009

Alen Greys

The classic "Greys" were first reported in the mid sixties by Barney and Betty Hill, a case which has became the prototype for the alien abduction phenomena. There are two types, a shorter 3-4 ft "worker drone," and a taller, 5-6 ft master. The Worker drones seem to be artificially created by the taller controllers as servants. Both types use telepathic communication, have gray skin, frail bodies, thin necks, oversized heads, and large eyes with no pupils.

The agenda of these creatures varies depending on who you talk to - usually they abduct people along family lines, perform painful and humiliating medical experiments, create alien/human hybrids, and tag thier qarry the same way our scientists tag humpback whales. From this perspective they seem to treat humanity merely as raw material. However others report a strong environmental message underlying thier actions.

Whatever thier motives, I'm sure it's more complicated than flying billions of light years to come down and mess up a few cows, anal-probe a few farmers, blast some graffiti in a wheatfield, then get out before anyone gets a clear photograph.

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