Friday, January 8, 2010

Fphlango the Damaged

Fphlango comes from a proud warrior race, one that holds physical prowess in high regard. Many of his people become athletes, professional fighters, soldiers, or law enforcement officers. Fphlango himself joined a rouge outfit of interstellar mercenaries known as the Paradroid Confederation. However life as a mercenary is not without risk.

Fphlango found himself critically wounded after a particularly heated fire fight. Not only had his powerful body been burned nearly to a crisp, but also a large piece of shrapnel buried itself in his head, severely impairing his mental functions. The Paradroid Confederation however leaves no resource untapped. Fplango's life was saved, at a very high cost.

Fplango is now little more than a head, permanently attached into a robotic frame. Thankfully the shrapnel injury left him with the intelligence of a small child, because had Fplango retained his full mental capacity his shame at living in such a state would be unbearable. Now a freak among his own kind, he spends his days doing menial chores - repair, construction, waste disposal, laundry, etc. He has a vague desire to die in battle one day, but will probably never get the chance.

He also plays lots of video games.

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