Thursday, March 17, 2011

King Faroud

King Faroud is the last in a long line of ancient guardian deities, who once ruled over the primitive tribes of mankind. The guardians occasionally fell into dispute amongst themselves and found it necessary to challenge each other to battles of tooth and claw. King Faroud found himself defeated and sealed into a volcano at the end of one such battle, his territory and wards ceded to the titan vulture, Throshti. Kind Faroud was not destroyed however, but found himself in a deep sleep, which lasted for untold ages.

Until the day came when the king was freed from his prison. The men who freed him had no idea what they had unleashed, and were merely looking to drill for natural resources. King Faroud had finally risen again, to find himself the last guardian among a world where the devious and poisonous machinations of mankind have been allowed to run rampant. King Faroud would heal his blighted Earth, but first he must remind mankind of their place in the order of things.

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