Monday, March 29, 2010


Fungaloids are essentially giant walking puffballs. They begin life as part of a colony organism (called "the Mass,") inside of a deep underground cavern. When a Fungaloid matures it breaks free from the mass and develops tendrils for walking or handling objects. Each Fungaloid is bred for a specific job, such as digging new tunnels, defending the warren, farming lichens and other fungus for substance, or gathering rotting organic matter for the Mass to feed upon. Fungaloids do not posses a sense of individual self like other sentient creatures do. At the end of each cycle young Fungaloids rejoin the Mass to rest and dream. Although Fungaloids are generally non-violent when not threatened, prolonged separation from the Mass will cause a Fungaloid to act erratically, growing more and more violent until it finally breaks down into a psychotic episode. Despite this limitation, there are older Fungaloids who travel extensively, and only feel the need to return home once every few decades.

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