Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Countess of Blood

Ezliabeth Bathory was a Hungarian Countess, who is alleged to have tortured and killed over six hundred victims, the majority of which were young peasant girls. Legends arose of vampiric behavior, such as her drinking and bathing in the blood of young virgins to retain her youth.

By 1610 when Bathory began to prey upon the daughters of lesser nobility public outcry became so great that she was finally apprehended. Her four servants were brutally tortured, imprisoned, and executed (including having their fingers ripped off, beheaded, then burned at the stake.) As a member of the nobility Elizabeth herself escaped execution, but spent the last four years of her life walled up in a set of rooms, with no human contact, until she finally died. Local legend maintains she arose as a vampire after her death.

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