Monday, December 7, 2009

Raum, Great Earl of Hell

Raum is a great Earl of Hell. He takes the form of a crow which can transform into human form. He causes rich men to lose their treasure, and can tell the past and future.


  1. Raums special days are the 7th-13th October.

  2. In addition to the 5 quinance of Libra (7-13 October) Raum is also given to the first 10 degrees (decanate) of Taurus. Both are Venus ruled Signs. Raum, being an Earl, is martial in nature, and therefore contrary to the nature of Venus. Thus he negates nice things, like treasure. Interesting, considering that the choir of qliphoth associate with Venus are the Ravens of dispersion- another set of blackbirds.

    PS Thanks for the nice picture.

  3. Correction: 4th Quinance of Libra.