Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Shadow People

Shadow people are black shadowy figures, often seen from the corner of one's eye. They come in many different shapes and sizes, often seen wearing hoods or hats. There are many theories about what they are or where they come from. Could they be aliens, or creatures from a different dimension?


  1. Unfortunately, ...These "Shadows"do exist.... The only time they bother me is when they come inside my home.... I almost never see them ... but, they are seen by others Like the one that lean around the door-way and "look in" at whoever was sitting in there the time one of the people notice it and yell to me... it has gone... They used to appear rather often here..many of my visitors to my house have seen them as well... There are other "Shadow Things" that others have told me of them having seen in this little town... Since they just seem to "Stare" at people ... I am Not sure whether I should fear them ... they are either rather short things ....or only an upper torso.... The one that I have heard others tell me of is well over six feet in height... and has a "lump" where its head and neck should be... often reported as having "red eyes".... any Suggestions...???

    1. Wow you've really seen them? From what I've read no one has yet been hurt from such creatures, but I imagine it must be pretty freaky. Maybe you should try installing some security cameras, try to get it on film?