Monday, December 31, 2012

Sauron, god of Hunger

Sauron is the god of hunger. He remains immortal as long as he consumes flesh, of which his many worshipers freely offer of their bodies. In the days before the mad wizard Balsafas imprisoned the gods he ruled over his own wards with tooth and claw, and now he is free to challenge the others for dominion over the entire Urth.

Sauron is a character from the video game Primal Rage. (c) Atari games.

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  1. Greatest stories ever told since it perfectly represents the struggle between the dualistic forces more commonly referred to as good and evil. Actually The Lord of the Rings main antagonist, Sauron the Deceiver, symbolizes narcissism to its core because he actively works to consume all that opposes him. I.e. anything and everything beyond Sauron is viewed as an extension of his own being as against representing unique and separate puzzle pieces that comprise the universe at large. So what does this mean well it means he symbolizes a threat to all or any living beings of sentience! Oh but narcissists really aren't that dangerous, are they Well let's undergo our little checklist to work out the validity of such a preposterous claim.

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